Publishing with Mastodon

Posted on by Owen Lynch

If everything works, this should show up as a toot on mastodon, and then also as a tweet on twitter, and any responses to the tweet or toot will show up as comments below this post.

I use to send webmentions to, and then sends toots, and then cross posts toots to twitter.

It’s kind of rube-goldberg-esque, but you do what you can…

Wish me luck.

This website supports webmentions, a standard for collating reactions across many platforms. If you have a blog that supports sending webmentions and you put a link to this post, your blog post will show up as a response here. You can also respond via twitter or respond via mastodon (on your preferred mastodon server); through the magic of all tweets or toots with links to this post will show up below (subject to moderation).

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