Owen Lynch

I am a research software engineer at the Topos Institute, working on ACSets and Semagrams.jl.

Previously, I was a master’s student at Universiteit Utrecht, working on a thesis about compositional thermodynamics advised by John Baez and Wioletta Ruszel.

I used to blog on this site, now I mainly post on localcharts or the localcharts forest.

Broadly speaking, I am interested in two topics.

  1. Understanding models of complex systems from a compositional and coarse-graining perspective. “Compositional” means that you should be able to take two models and glue them together easily. “Coarse-graining” means that you should be able to take a complicated model and simplify it, and then relate the two systems to see that you haven’t lost “that much” information.
  2. Making UI for math. By this I mean drawing pictures and making software, and also making software that draws pictures.

You can contact me using the email address “root (at) this site”.

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