The Ultimate In Self Care: Learning from Marvel Villains

Posted on by Owen Lynch

I don’t even really remember watching “Daredevil” but one scene has stuck with me. The main villain in Daredevil, Wilson Fisk, is a powerful businessman and crime lord who tries to reshape Hell’s Kitchen to be a better place, but whose methods are violent.

He has a very distinctive morning routine, involving classical music, gourmet cooking, and a fabulous bath robe.

In the show, this is played as very sinister. But really what it signifies is that this man is totally in control of his life, and he starts every day with purpose and focus. I think in media we are supposed to identify with the people who don’t have their life together, who have conflicted souls, who listen to normal-people music and not Bach. Me personally though? I’d rather wake up like a villain.

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